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Beverly Loan Company Partnering to Make Loans Against Motor Vehicles

Beverly Loan Company, often coined as the "Pawnshop to the Stars," has announced a new partnership that will allow its clients to receive VIP treatment from the industry leader in pawn loans and title loans against cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats. Since 1938 Beverly Loan Company has been the premiere collateral lender for gold and platinum jewelry, diamonds and colored stones, fine watches, modern and contemporary art, and sports and entertainment memorabilia, but has only recently begun facilitating loans against motor vehicles.

Beverly Loan Company regularly assists those who find themselves in a cash crunch or perhaps find themselves with a potentially lucrative opportunity that requires liquidity. Many of Tabach-Bank's clients have vehicles that they can pledge as collateral to meet those immediate needs, but they are unwilling to leave their keys with just any lender.

"We noted an increasing number of inquiries from our clients for auto loans, particularly against high-end cars such as Porsche, BMW and Mercedes, so we arranged for these requests to be serviced by the best in the business," said Jordan Tabach-Bank, CEO and owner of Beverly Loan Company. Motor vehicles are the most recent addition to the list of assets that may be used as collateral for a short-term nonrecourse pawn loan.

Automobile loans are a very specific area of expertise, so Beverly Loan Company decided to partner with the most experienced when it comes to auto pawn and title loans. While most of the inquiries that Beverly Loan Company has received have been for classics, luxury and exotic cars including Lamborghinis and Bentleys, all vehicles will receive an offer, no matter the make, model or mileage.

In its first week offering this service, Beverly Loan Company was able to facilitate a loan against a 2011 Range Rover and a 2013 Ferrari 458, which was originally purchased for upwards of a quarter of a million dollars. "The Ferrari client had borrowed many times in the past against his Patek Philippe collection, but he needed some additional cash and he appreciated the discreet white glove service that we were able to provide including a convenient visit to his home to inspect the collateral and initiate the transaction," explained Tabach-Bank.

Beverly Loan Company has catered to socialites, businesspeople and celebrities in Beverly Hills since 1938, making confidential pawn loans from private offices on the third floor of the Bank of America building on the corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and Beverly Dr. Beverly Loan Company is frequently featured in the media, including appearances in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, CNN, E! Entertainment Television, and Good Morning America.

For more information, please visit

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Sterling Currency Group Adds New Website Features to Buy Iraqi Dinar

Sterling Currency Group / DinarBanker, the #1 Iraqi dinar dealer, has added more robust features to its website for customers who sell and buy Iraqi dinar and other exotic currency.

Sterling Currency Group / DinarBanker recently added new features to its website for customers who buy Iraqi dinar, Vietnamese dong, Indonesian rupiah and other exotic currencies.

Some of the newest website features are:

- Simple order form can be used for all currency orders

- Easy access to order and payment information on a personal dashboard

- More robust Customer Support Center with updated information

- eCheck payment is available for layaway, final and full purchase payments

"Sterling is committed to continually improving the customer experience for buying Iraqi dinar, Vietnamese dong, Indonesian rupiah and other currency. These new features will make it even easier for customers to place orders, pay for and track their currency," says Chief Operating Officer Frank Bell. "As always, excellent customer service is our number one goal."

Sterling Currency Group / DinarBanker offers a variety of programs for buying Iraqi dinar and other currency, including:

- Full Purchase: Make a full purchase through a single payment

- Sterling 45 Layaway: Rate locks with only a 5% deposit and up to 45 days to pay the balance with Free Shipping. No currency ships unless order is paid in full.

- Guaranteed 30 Layaway: Rate locks with a 10% deposit and up to 30 days to pay the balance. Currency is guaranteed if the customer makes a payment.

- Guaranteed 90 Layaway: Rate locks with a 10% deposit and up to 90 days to pay the balance in 3 easy payments. Currency is guaranteed if the customer makes a payment.

Sterling offers customers many excellent choices when it comes to paying for their dinar or other currency. Customers can pay by eCheck, wire, mail or COD. With the Sterling Loyalty Program, customers receive loyalty credits at a rate of $30 per $1,000 spent on any currency order type, making dinar prices the most competitive in the industry.

Sterling Currency Group / DinarBanker has been in business as an Iraqi Dinar dealer with an outstanding reputation since 2004 with a BBB rating of A, and is a registered Money Service Business with the United States Treasury Department. It is licensed either directly or through agent relationships in every state that requires currency exchangers to be licensed. The company has extensive capital resources and is committed to providing the best and most reliable customer service in the industry.

From service to pricing, from transparency to regulatory compliance, Sterling Currency Group / DinarBanker sets itself apart from competitors in every way.

For more information on Sterling Currency Group, visit or call 888-346-2771.

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Why Choose a Non Profit Credit Counseling Agency

Why Choose a Non Profit Credit Counseling Agency

Individuals who are living under a mountain of credit card debt can benefit from the different services provided by credit counseling agencies. But when it comes to choosing an agency, it is important to understand the differences between those that are for profit and those that are non-profit.

To many people, agencies that are for-profit can seem very appealing on the surface, especially in times of extreme financial desperation. Credit counseling agencies that work on a for-profit basis often claim to offer instant solutions to repair credit scores as a means of luring in new clients who feel they have nowhere else to turn and no other options to get themselves out of debt. But when it comes to claims of quick-fixes to your credit report: buyer beware. Most people don’t bury themselves in debt overnight, and there are no services that will repair debt overnight either. Quick-fix scams not only do not work, but they also come with a number of hidden charges and fees that tend to get their customers into even deeper financial trouble. Working with for profit credit counseling agencies is a lose-lose scenario.

When looking for credit counseling and other debt-related services, always choose a non-profit agency. Instead making false claims and using hidden fees for financial gain, agencies that are not for profit put their clients’ needs first. Not only do they provide reliable services to help their clients get out of debt and repair their credit, but they also provide education and come up with individualized action plans to help their clients make sound financial decisions to avoid problems with debt now and in the future.

Some of the services that can be found at a non-profit credit counseling agency include budget management, debt consolidation, credit counseling, and bankruptcy counseling. No matter what, it is important to remember that getting out of debt is a process that does take time, and individuals seeking services from a non-profit credit counseling agency should always have realistic expectations about the process and understand that it can vary from situation to situation.

For more information on non profit financial counseling and other services to help get you out of debt, look for an agency that is accredited by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. NFCC agencies must adhere to a high set of standards to ensure the individual needs to clients always come first.

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What Do Credit Counselors Do?

What Do Credit Counselors Do?

Getting yourself into credit card debt is easy. Getting out from under that debt is quite another story. When the frustration and fear that comes along with steep credit card debt strikes, it is not uncommon for people to go into flight mode and avoid paying their debts altogether. But ignoring debt won’t make it go away; it will only make it worse. The debt – and calls from creditors – will increase and your credit score will continue to plummet. If you have found yourself in a situation where you can no longer manage your debt, consider seeking the services of a credit counselor.

Credit counselors provide a number of valuable services to their clients. If you decide to work with a credit counselor, the first thing they will do is examine your income versus your debt and other expenses in order to assess your financial situation. Based on your individual needs, your counselor will be able to suggest a course of action they feel is best for you. Options may include budget management, debt consolidation, debt settlement, or – in the most extreme cases – bankruptcy. Because bankruptcy should always be used as a last resort, your credit counselor will explore all other possibilities first to help bring your debt down. Since professional credit counselors have positive working relationship with credit card agencies, they can work on your behalf to negotiate lower rates, payments and balances with your creditors. This way, creditors get what they need while giving you financial relief each month. As you pay down your balances, your credit counselor will also work with you to provide financial education and set up a personalized budget strategy to help you rein in your spending and make more sound financial decisions.

When selecting a credit counseling agency, always avoid companies that work on a for-profit basis. These companies often charge hefty fees up front as well as hidden charges and fees throughout the process. They often attempt to attract customers with promises of immediate debt relief and credit score repair. Though these claims can be enticing in times of financial despair, it is important to remember that credit and debt cannot be repaired overnight. It is a process that does take time and should be handled responsibly and in ways that will help you avoid future overspending and debt.

Instead, look for a reputable non-profit credit counseling services (CCCS). As you look for an agency that is right for you, be sure to one that has been accredited by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.

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Prevent Home Foreclosure by Seeking Online Budgeting Advice

Prevent Home Foreclosure by Seeking Online Budgeting Advice

If you are falling behind on your home mortgage payments, you may be worried about the possibility of your home being foreclosed on. You may have even received warnings and notices from your mortgage company regarding foreclosure. A mortgage lender does have the legal right to foreclose on your home when you fail to make the minimum monthly payments specified in your loan terms. There may be many reasons why you have struggled to make your mortgage payments on time in recent months. Common causes include medical issues, the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, an adjustable rate mortgage payment escalating and more. Whatever the causes of your own financial struggles have been, the bottom line is that now you must make budgetary changes in order to prevent foreclosure and retain possession of your home. Seeking online budget advice can be very helpful in this situation.

Personal Review of Your Budget

When you seek Online budget advice from a credit counselor, a professional financial expert will review your budget and offer customized advice. You may believe you have reviewed your budget with a fine-tooth comb and have made every spending reduction possible. However, in many cases, a professional financial expert is able to review your budget with fresh, trained eyes to find reductions that you may have overlooked or may not be aware of. The strategies and advice offered to you by a credit counselor may be able to help you get back on track with your budget.

The Benefits of Debt Management Advice

Most people who want to find a way to prevent foreclosure and who are struggling with their finances do carry high debt balances on credit cards, student loans and other types of debts. A credit counselor can review your debts and can offer helpful advice for reducing your interest rates, reducing monthly payments and more. He or she can advise you about options such as consolidating credit card balances, debt negotiation and other debt management strategies that may be well-suited for your unique financial situation.

If you are facing the possibility of a home foreclosure in your near future, the time to act is now. There are several steps you can take to prevent foreclosure and get your budget back on track. However, it is best to put these strategies into motion as soon as possible to enjoy the best results. Consider seeking online budget advice from an experienced credit counselor today.

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